The Artistry of Your Flesh

I have never been ashamed of the plastic surgery that I’ve gone for. To be ashamed, I think, is to live with regret; beauty is something that is inherently admired and desired. It’s a biological pull that draws us to other and while power of personality is also an admirable facet, it is beauty that can capture the mind with first sight. I often seek my own work at san ramon liposuction, where I feel they truly understand the artistry that is bound in our bodies. We are gracefully symmetrical creatures – from the arch of our eyebrows, the curve of our cheeks and chins and even to the distance between nose and brow. It all seems almost perfectly designed to give us an eerie beauty, a wonderful physical geometry that few creatures on this planet can match. Yet, I believe that we can reach even further heights of physical perfect and to seek surgeons who can enhance them is nothing to be ashamed of!

There is the belief that we should embrace who we are and love ourselves but being ugly is a real thing. It’s social stigma and taboo that we try to make better by preaching about the love we should hold for ourselves. Yet, those individuals are still treated differently by the rest of our culture. Is that fair to them? Should we demand they be themselves and yet cast them in a different light? No, it’s an awful subjugation that exists. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your physical beauty – as long as the work is done by an experienced surgeon who knows exactly what he is doing and has a reputable record to offer you. A plastic surgeon must be like an artist who can bring out those graceful lines hiding within you.

Doctor Oz Recommends Raspberry Ketones for Safe Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketone Max Reviews – Does It Work for Weight Loss?As seen on the television show hosted by doctor oz raspberry ketones are the latest rage for weight loss in the market today. The really wonderful thing about the use of raspberry ketones is that they are appropriate for all body types. Raspberry ketones help activate a hormone that helps trick your body into thinking it is thin. When your body believes it is thin, you act like it is thin, and as a result, you do not feel the constant hunger, and stop the excess eating. In the meantime, the raspberry ketones also help fat cells become active so that they are using the energy contained within the cells and begin to burn away.

Available online, as well as at most health food stores, raspberry ketones are a cost-effective way to help supplement your weight-loss routine. Besides the low cost, the ketones are a healthy supplement with no worries about the side-effects from traditional diet pills, that tend to be high in caffeine and often do little but make you tense, jittery and nervous.

Being a big fan of Dr. Oz myself, I generally trust his assessments and recommendations, but this was one I felt I needed to see to believe.